These Playful Pixel Art Tattoo Styles will definitely bring out the child in you. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

Pixel Tattoos use chunky squares and bright colors, just like classic video games, to create fun and eye-catching designs. These tattoos are perfect for anyone who loves retro gaming or wants a lighthearted and unique piece of art on their skin.

Pixel Art Tattoo Ideas

1. Pixel Pikachu

There’s nothing as popular or fun as getting a cute little pixel Pikachu tattooed on your body.

2. Pixel Art Tattoo Design

Here’s a lovely pixel art design showing a mashup of childhood and adulthood via retro game screens. How cool is that?

3. Pixel Mario

You can totally get a highly pixelated tattoo design like this and it will capture everyone’s gaze.

4. Pixel Pokemon Tattoo

What a beautiful piece of Gen 1 starter Pokemon, the trio that started it all– Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.

5. Pixel BMO

Don’t worry if you’re not into Pokemon; you can always go for your favorite one. Just like this pixel BMO from Adventure Time.

6. Semi-Pixel Hannya Mask

Why don’t you mash up two styles into one? This semi pixel Hannya mask is a great example.

7. Zelda Pixel Heart Tattoo

What do you do when you feel like you don’t have time to play your favorite games? You get a tattoo of them!

8. Pixel Kitty

Why a Kitty? Well, why not? 16-bit pixel art style is a great way for a fun and meaningful scribble.

9. Sleeping Snorlax in Pixels

This tattoo is perfect if you’re someone who procrastinates and loves taking naps, don’t you think?

10. Pixelated Glitch Design

Here’s a massive and nerdy pixel art glitch design that’s right up there with the best ones on our list.

11. Pixel Wall E

You can show your favorite movie character and give a message to save the planet with this pixel Wall E tattoo!

12. Birth Year and Mushroom Camera

There’s no better way to tell you’re a millennial than getting a tattoo of your birth year with this mushroom camera.

13. Super Mario and Mushrooms Pixel Tattoo

Pixel super mario and mushroom  Tattoo Styles

Hear us out—what if you got this Mario tattoo for yourself and a mushroom for each of your family members? Cool, huh?

14. Ash and Pikachu Ink

We guarantee that this tattoo pair of pixelated Ash and Pikachu will make you feel nostalgic and make you want to get it on your skin.

15. Pixel Kirby

Are you a fan of retro Nintendo games? You’ll love this pixelated Kirby. The tattoo is so clean and adorable.

16. Yawning Pikachu

You don’t need to stick to simple ones; add a bit of style and personalization to make it unique—like this yawning Pikachu.

17. Zelda Pixel Tattoo

This cute little Zelda pixel art tattoo will surely have strangers stopping you and asking for a picture of it.

18. Pixel Chickens

Pixel  Tattoo Styles

If you’re looking for pixel ink, why not go with this pair of chickens in love? You could also get them with your significant other.

19. Modern Pixel Watermelon

Pixel  watermelon Tattoo Styles

Look at this watermelon slice with a cool design that’s breaking down into pixels. Cool, huh?