If you want to show your true self but don’t know how–these Creative Lesbian Tattoo Designs can help! Stay tuned!

Thinking about getting some ink that celebrates your amazing lesbian pride? This isn’t your typical tattoo guide! We’re going to show you truly creative designs that go beyond the rainbow (although, hey, there’s nothing wrong with that!). So, grab a cup of tea, settle in, and let’s find a tattoo that’s as unique as you are!

Creative Lesbian Tattoos

1. Lesbian Lovers in a Card

Creative Lesbian Tattoos

Let’s start off the list with a tattoo that’s a little bit of fun and a little bit bold–lesbian lovers in a card.

2. Lesbian Portrait Piece

This Satanic lesbian portrait orgy piece isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s definitely cool.

3. Lesbian Nuns Tattoo

Lesbian Nuns Tattoo

People always wonder, how can I take my tattoo a step ahead to make it stand out? Well, lesbian pride nuns would certainly do.

4. Girls, Girls, Girls Tattoo

If you’re someone who loves to express themselves but in a subtle way, you can get such cute little hearts with the words “Girls, Girls, Girls!”

5. Power Lesbian Couple

There’s nothing better than a power lesbian couple tattoo with tons of bright colors. Do you recognize them? They’re Miss Spink and Miss Forcible from Coraline.

6. Lilith and Medusa Lovers Ink

Lilith and Medusa Lovers Ink

We’re all about celebrating lesbian pride here–and few inks can top this Lilith and Medusa power couple ink. What a beauty!

7. Lipstick Lesbian Pride Tattoo

You know what would be a great idea? A matching tattoo for you and your lover–just like these pride lipsticks.

8. Lesbian Barbie Ink

For all the barbies out there that love other barbies, this bedazzled tattoo is a lovely choice, don’t you think?

9. Lesbian Lover Card Idea

Tarot cards like this one are extremely popular because you can personalize them. So why not add a lesbian lover couple?

10. Scissoring Tattoo for Lesbians

Well, we’ll just leave this one here and let you use your imagination about what it means 😉

11. Lesbian Lovers

Tiny little details can make or break any tattoo, so if you’re getting a tarot card with a lesbian couple–maybe try the union of the devil with an angel.

12. Lesbians Making Out Outline

This outline, done like a scribble, might seem simple, but it’s not that simple at all. You know, you could get a picture of you and turn the outline into such a tattoo.

13. A Pair of Queens Ink

If we had to describe this lesbian Queen pair tattoo in 3 words, we’d use creative, pretty, and absolutely gorgeous.

14. Neotraditional Lesbian Pride Rose Tattoo

Sometimes, getting a lesbian tattoo can be something as subtle as a neotraditional pride rose.

15. Rainbow Hearts with Infinity Symbols

Here’s another great matching lesbian tattoo idea for couples–rainbow hearts with infinity symbols.

16. Scissor Ink Idea

There’s always the option of going with a simple scissor and watching everyone smile when you explain it’s meaning.

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