If you’ve come out of the closet, we’ve got fantastic LGBT Pride Tattoo Ideas that you would love. Don’t miss out!

LGBT pride tattoos are all about self-expression, resilience, and a celebration of identity. And what better way to express yourselves than a sweet ink? These ideas will surely inspire you.

LGBTQ+ Pride Tattoo Symbols and Their Meaning

Rainbow Flag

Let’s start with an easy one. We all know about the pride flag as it is one of the most recognized pride symbols. But did you know it’s been around since 1978? It was designed by Gilbert Baker and had eight colors — hot pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, turquoise for magic/art, indigo for harmony, and violet for spirit.

Pink Triangle

You might also see an upside-down pink triangle. It has a darker history as it was used by Nazis to identify homosexual men in concentration camps, but the LGBTQ+ community has reclaimed this and changed it into a symbol of pride and resilience.

Lesbian Flag

The lesbian flag is another pride ink idea that people get. It’s made up of seven stripes: dark crimson for courage, orange for independence, light orange for community, white for unique relationships with women, pink for love, deep rose for femininity, and dark purple for spirit. Sometimes, it is also depicted in six colors.

But don’t worry, these aren’t the only LGBT pride symbols. Anything that you feel represents you or showcases how you feel can be turned into a trendsetter. Just like the following ideas.

LGBT Pride Tattoo Ideas

1. Harry Potter Inspired Pride Tattoo

What a beautiful design of Harry Potter’s scar and spectacles in pride colors with the quote.

2. Trans Pride Phoenix Tattoo

trending lgbt pride tattoo idea

The Phoenix is a fitting choice, considering how it rises up from its ashes and does not pass away.

3. LGBT Pride Tattoo Stitch

Best designs for LGBT tattoo 2

If you’re pro-LGBT and also a fan of Disney, you’ll love this tattoo of Stitch waving the pride flag.

4. Rebel Pride Tattoo

Popular LGBT tattoos

The tattoo that you see is the symbol of the rebel alliance from Star Wars with pride color splashes. You can read the whole story about it here.

5. Pride Symbol Ink

Best ideas for LGBT tattoo 1

This gender ring withering in pride flag colors certainly makes a statement. And a huge one!

6. Pride Moon and Rainbow

Best ideas for LGBT tattoo 2

If you don’t want a huge, flashy piece and need something subtle, why not go with this pretty little crescent moon and pride rainbow?

7. LGBT Pride Lips

Pouplar LGBT tattoos

Who wouldn’t love to show that they are pro-LGBT with luscious lips adorned with the pride flag?

8. Pride Symbol and Rain

Best LGBT pride tattoo

Here’s another creative idea you can go for with LGBT symbols and pride-colored rainfall.

9. LGBT Pride Dots

best LGBT pride tattoo 2

These dots in pride colors might seem small, but they are really pretty and cute. Plus, they’re great if you want a small ink.

10. Pride Heart Design

best lgbt pride tattoo 3

Look at this cute heart tattoo with watercolor splashes of the pride colors. Notice how pride falls outside the lines?

11. Quote Tattoo Idea

best lgbt pride tattoo 4

There’s nothing better than a quote that can bring you up when you feel down. Here’s an exhibit.

12. Hand in Pride Colors

Latest designs of lgbt pride tattoo 1

This tattoo of a hand shows the V, a gesture of victory. It represents victory, peace, freedom, and quality for the LGBTQ+ community.

13. Pride Blast Idea

Latest designs of lgbt pride tattoo 2

What a pretty little tattoo showing LGBT pride colors as a blast and splashes.

14. Heart Diamond Idea

Latest designs of lgbt pride tattoo 3

Look at this beautiful heart diamond in black and white with a pride color reflection. Pretty, right?

15. Matching LGBT Pride Ink

Latest designs of lgbt pride tattoo 4

You can also get a matching one with your friends. Here’s a pride moon and a bi-moon.

16. Pride Merman Tattoo Design

Latest designs of lgbt pride tattoo 5

If you want something hipster, you should totally copy this neotraditional pride merman.

17. Gender Reverse Card

Viral lgbt pride tattoo designs 1

Why not try one with a bit of humor like this Uno gender reverse card? It’ll definitely catch everyone’s attention.

18. Gay Nerd Flag Idea

Viral lgbt pride tattoo designs 2

If you’re a gamer and also gay, here’s a lovely LGBT tattoo idea with dice for you. It’s a reference to Dungeons & Dragons.

19. Star Wars Pride Tattoo

Viral lgbt pride tattoo designs 3

The rebel alliance symbol we showed you was pretty simple. But this one has the words, “Proud” in Aurebesh and also has 3 Jedi starfighters.

20. LGBT Pride Couple

Viral lgbt pride tattoo designs 4

A pride tattoo doesn’t need to have all the pride flag colors. You can also get one like this.