Butterfly And Flower Tattoos make the best inks because they’re the perfect combo of beauty and growth! Here are the best ones!

Butterfly and flower tattoos combine two gorgeous symbols into one stunning design. These tattoos are popular because they look amazing but also hold special meanings. Butterflies represent transformation and growth, while flowers have different meanings depending on the type of flower–so you can personalize them.

Butterfly and Flower Tattoo Meaning and Significance

A butterfly and flower tattoo is a beautiful combination rich with symbolism. Butterflies represent transformation and growth. They start as caterpillars, then undergo a dramatic change to become beautiful winged creatures. This can symbolize overcoming challenges, personal growth, or a new chapter in life.

The flower you choose adds another layer of meaning. Different flowers have different associations. For example, a rose can symbolize love and passion, while a sunflower suggests happiness and optimism. They make great personal pieces and feminine inks. Let’s take a look at some ideas you can use for inspiration.

Butterfly And Flower Tattoos

1. Butterfly and Floral Design on Belly

Butterflies with flowers that are mixed with tribal leaves are always in style. They look amazing and are really popular with women.

2. Sun and Moon with Butterfly and Blooms

Butterfly And Flower Tattoos 2

The sun and the moon represent opposites and also the circle of life. Along with the butterfly and flowers, this tattoo shows how you’ve grown with life’s changes and phases.

3. Gratitude Butterfly and Flowers Tattoo

Butterfly And Flower Tattoos 3

You could also personalize your butterfly and floral body art piece with motivational words. Here’s Gratidao–it’s Portuguese for gratitude.

4. Daisies and Butterfly

Butterfly And Flower Tattoos 4

Daisy flowers are known for signifying purity and new beginnings. Add the butterfly, and you have transformation and change–and a great tattoo idea if you’re starting a new phase in life.

5. White Rose and Butterfly Piece

Butterfly And Flower Tattoos 5

Just like all rose colors, white has its own meaning. It’s for purity, innocence, and honor. Why don’t you pair it up with a white butterfly like this idea?

6. Compass, Butterfly, and Flowers Ink

Black And Whithe Butterfly And Flower Tattoos 1

If you have wanderlust or are searching for something in life, you can also add a compass like this to your flowers and butterfly ink piece.

7. No Rain No Flowers

Black And Whithe Butterfly And Flower Tattoos 3

This beautiful no rain, no flowers idea with flowers and butterflies shows that we need rain just as much as flowers do. But we need it to cleanse and nurture us to grow.

8. Lily, Sunflower, and Butterfly Tattoo

Here’s another gorgeous ink idea that symbolizes the journey of personal growth and transformation. The Lily is for purity, and the Sunflower is for happiness.

9. Butterflies and Flowers Around a Heart

Did you know you could also get a heart with negative ink and form a stunning flower and butterfly piece around it like this? Looks cool, huh?

10. Butterfly and Flowers Hand Piece

 Butterfly And Flower  Design Tattoos 1

If you want to showcase your tattoo to everyone, the best option is to get it on your hand or on your sleeve. Looks pretty, right?

11. Blue Butterfly and Shaded Flowers

 Butterfly And Flower  Design Tattoos 2

Many people believe blue butterflies bring good luck and bliss into your life. So why not get one of these on your skin? You can also pair it up with shaded flowers to make it stand out.

12. Daisy, Rose, and Periwinkle with Butterfly

 Butterfly And Flower  Design Tattoos 3

You could turn butterflies and flowers into a stunning piece like this and cover up your leg, too. The ones you see here are daisies, roses, and periwinkles.

13. Floral Shoulder Piece with Butterflies

 Butterfly And Flower  Design Tattoos 4

Floral inks are extremely popular with women, and there’s no better feminine tattoo than a bunch of flowers with butterflies to show their resilience and beauty.

14. Lilies and Butterflies

 Butterfly And Flower  Design Tattoos 5

Another great place to get one of these is the side of the body. It’s the perfect place if you want to show or hide your tattoo whenever you want. Don’t forget to add the tiny stars as fillers.

15. Colored Butterfly and Flowers Tattoo

Butterflies and flowers are all too common in black and white. You should definitely get one of these inks in color. Just use your creativity.

16. Butterfly with Flower Wing

Beautiful  Butterfly And Flower  Design Tattoos 2

Here’s a contemporary idea of a butterfly with flowers we know you’ll love–a butterfly with one of its wings made entirely of flowers. Pretty neat, huh?

17. Small Butterfly and Flower Tattoo

Beautiful  Butterfly And Flower  Design Tattoos 4

You could always get a small floral stem on your arm and add a couple of butterflies like this. Why don’t you get your birth month flowers inked this way?

18. Butterfly and Roses

Beautiful  Butterfly And Flower  Design Tattoos 5

The butterfly is a lovely symbol of freedom and change in life, and the rose, as you probably already know, represents love, passion, and resilience.

19. Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly with White Flower

On hand Butterfly And Flower  Tattoos 1

Black and white inks are boring but you can spruce your tattoo up with some vibrant colors and pretty linework. Here’s a black and gold swallowtail with white flowers to show you what we’re talking about.

20. Simple Rose and Butterfly Pair

On hand Butterfly And Flower  Tattoos  2

This tattoo of roses and butterflies shows a connection of personal growth and love journey but many people get this pair to show their love for their partner.

21. Lily and Butterfly Thigh Piece

Thigh tattoos are popular with women because they’re bold and really sexy. Take a look at this Lily and Butterfly thigh piece; wouldn’t you say the same?

22. Cherry Blossoms and Butterfly

Beautiful  Butterfly And Flower  Design Tattoos 4

Cherry blossom trees and flowers are absolutely stunning and show you how to enjoy beauty and life before the moment fades away. Plus, they look great paired with butterflies.

23. Floral Moon and Butterflies Tattoo

Easy Butterfly And Flower  Tattoos 1

The moon is a great symbol that represents feminine energy and change. So why not take a hint from this idea and make one out of flowers? You can also add tiny little butterflies to the design.

24. Sunflowers and Butterflies

Easy Butterfly And Flower  Tattoos 2

This tattoo of sunflower and butterflies is full of meaning. The sunflowers are for joy, and the power of the sun, and the butterflies are for the journey of self-discovery.

25. Butterfly and Floral Scribble

Easy Butterfly And Flower  Tattoos 4

If you love minimalism and simple inks, you can also go for a pretty little scribble like this. It’s small, but it’ll still grab everyone’s attention.

26. Flowers and Butterfly on the Arm

You can never go wrong with a body art design of a butterfly surrounded by flowers. And the arm is the best place to get one of these.

27. Butterfly with Lotus and Unalome

Here’s a brilliant tattoo idea with geometric patterns binding together the three things. The butterfly symbolizes transformation, the Lotus represents spiritual growth, and the Unalome depicts your journey.

28. Intricate Butterfly and Sunflower

Beautiful  Tattoos

This butterfly and sunflower pair look so realistic. Such an ink would surely take some time, but it’ll surely be worth it!

We’re sure your mind is flowing with ideas for your next ink. Time to get one for yourself. Do check out these summer tattoo trends you can’t miss this year!