We’ve got wonderful Water Lily Tattoo Ideas that will make you want to get one of these on your skin! Stay tuned!

Water lilies are beautiful flowers that symbolize peace, purity, and resilience. They’re a popular choice for tattoos, and there are many ways to design them. We will give you many ideas for your own unique water lily ink!

Water Lily Tattoo Meaning and Significance

Tranquility and Peace

Water lilies float serenely on the water’s surface, their gentle sway a picture of calmness. This tranquility translates beautifully into tattoo symbolism. A water lily can represent a sense of inner peace, a desire for calmness in life, or having overcome a period of turmoil.

Purity and Rebirth

The water lily rises from muddy depths to bloom with beauty. This cycle reflects rebirth and spiritual awakening. A water lily might signify a new beginning, overcoming challenges, or emerging stronger from a difficult experience.

Enlightenment and Spiritual Growth

In some cultures, water lilies are associated with enlightenment. Their ability to thrive in murky water symbolizes the potential for spiritual growth even amidst challenges. So, people get water lilies to represent the journey of self-discovery or a dedication to spiritual development.

Water Lily Tattoo Ideas

1. Water Lily Outline

Water Lily Tattoo 1

This water lily outline is perfect for you if you want a tattoo that’s minimal and can still grab attention. Pretty, right?

2. Water Lily and Delphinium

Water Lily Tattoo 2

Here’s a lovely tattoo of a water lily and larkspur–these are the birth flowers for the month of July.

3. Shaded Water Lily

Water Lily Tattoo 3

Shaded tattoos are extremely gorgeous, and water lilies are great for such styles. Just look at the attention to detail.

4. Water Lily in Watercolor Ink

Water Lily Tattoo 4

You could also get one of these beauties in watercolor style. But don’t stick to a single color–get your favorite ones.

5. Water Lily and Quote Idea

Here’s another idea for a water lily with the words “Mi Vida Loca”–it’s Spanish for “My Crazy Life.”

6. Water Lily Sketch

Water Lily Tattoo 6

Who said water lilies are just for women? Men can rock these tattoos as well–see for yourself.

7. Water Lily and Turtle Design

Flower Lily Tattoo 1

You can always pair up water lilies with other designs. Why not go with a turtle? It represents strength and perseverance.

8. Water Lily on the Back

If you want an ink that you can hide or flaunt whenever you want, go with this water lily on the back.

9. Colorful Water Lily Sleeve

Flower Lily Tattoo 5

Look at this beautiful sleeve covered in water and water lilies. It will certainly stand out.

10. Water Lily Scribble

Temporary water Lily Tattoo 2

You could always go with a cute little scribble of a water lily like this. Add a bit of color to make it personalized.

11. Feminine Water Lily Tattoo

Temporary water Lily Tattoo 3

If you’re looking for a feminine ink, go with a delicate water lily like this one. It’s stunning.

12. Spiritual Water Lily on the Belly

Temporary water Lily Tattoo 5

Water lilies make amazing spiritual pieces because they represent resurrection–they close at night and reopen in the morning.

13. Purple Water Lily

Beautiful water Lily Tattoo 1

Did you know there’s a different meaning associated with each water lily color? White ones are for purity, and purple ones are for power.

14. Water Lily Growth Stages Tattoo

Beautiful water Lily Tattoo 3

This tattoo of the growth stages of a water lily is a fantastic ink idea that showcases your journey through different phases of life.

15. Blue Water Lily Idea

Just as purple water lilies are for power, blue ones represent the power of knowledge. Plus, they look really pretty on the skin.

16. Water Lily Sparrows

Water lilies don’t have to be boring. You could take inspiration from this sparrow with a water lily inside.

17. Water Lily and Sea Waves Tattoo

 water Lily Tattoo ideas 3

Don’t skip on the water when getting a water lily. If properly done, these inks can be truly gorgeous.

18. Contemporary Water Lily Tattoo

Simple and bland inks can get boring, but not a contemporary one like this. Do add a bit of texture and backdrops to make it stand out. You can also go with these artistic tattoos.