We’ve gathered the best Artistic Tattoos for Creative Souls from the Internet, so you can use them as inspiration for your next ink!

Ever feel like your thoughts burst beyond the ordinary? You might be a creative soul! And hey, what better way to show the world your artistic side than with a truly unique tattoo? This isn’t just any tattoo collection; it’s for those who want art on their skin.

Artistic Tattoos for Creative Souls

1. Girl in Black and Gold

There’s nothing that screams artistic when it comes to inks than a combination of black splashes and gold highlights. Just look at the image—it needs no words.

2. Japanese Tattoo Artwork

A powerful Japanese snake winds through vibrant red flowers. How cool is this? It’s right up there with the best in terms of creativity and art.

3. Artistic Patchwork Cartoons

Doesn’t this tattoo look like a patch that was sewn into the skin? You just can’t get enough of this one. It’s perfect if you’re a creative soul looking for artistic ink. Or if you’re just a fan of Wario.

4. Watercolor Phoenix

If you want a beautiful feminine piece that will stand out and show how resilient you are, here’s a lovely inspiration—a phoenix rising from the ashes with a deep watercolor backdrop and a crescent moon. Cool, right?

5. Ouroborus Ink Idea

This one might seem simple at first glance, but its art lies in its details and meaning. It’s actually an Ouroborus, which is a dragon eating its own tail and represents the circle of life and death. Sometimes, it is also depicted as a snake.

6. Narsil Art Tattoo

If you’re a fan of the Lord of the Rings, you’ll recognize exactly what this is. Hint—it was later renamed Andúril. It definitely makes a stunning body art piece.

7. Artistic Scuba Sleeve Tattoo

This tattoo of a scuba sleeve with corals, sharks, a diver, and bright colors proves why they’re called artists. It’s simply gorgeous. You should definitely take notes.

8. Art Mashup Tattoo

How do you create a personalized artistic tattoo? You tell the artist everything you like—just like this design of an owl, a black hole, a feather, and planets and stars.

9. Oriental Samurai Backpiece

A majestic and grand tattoo piece will definitely take a while to complete, but it is definitely worth it. Samurais look artistic and represent nobility, courage, respect, and honor.

10. Artistic Thigh Piece

Why don’t you get a massive floral thigh piece like this one? Nothing can compare to the beauty and art of lovely flowers on your skin.

11. Artistic Medusa Ink

Here’s a wonderful tattoo mashup design made with the gorgon Medusa, geometrical designs, leaves, and bright colors—all the ingredients for a great body art piece.

12. Koi Fish and Tattoo Artwork

Here’s a sexy feminine piece with a ton of tattoo artwork surrounding Koi fish. The Koi fish pair represents overcoming challenges and achieving your goals.

13. Abstract Floral Tattoo

If you want a truly artistic piece, get a floral tattoo like this one in abstract style. It’s hands-down one of the most beautiful pieces you can get.

14. Elephant Ink Idea

Many people wonder how they can turn an animal tattoo into a stunning piece of art on their skin. Well, you just have to add traditional patterns and bright colors. Here’s an example.

15. Sword and Cherry Blossoms

This Samurai sword wrapped in a cherry blossom came from Bleach. If you’ve seen the anime, you might recognize that this is Byakuya’s sword with a cherry blossom branch.

16. Artistic Mandala

We’ve got the best ink for creative souls—a Mandala. Mandalas can be personalized and come in tons of different designs. And they represent finding balance in life. How cool is that?

17. Pink Lilies

If you’re getting flowers, you should try getting Pink Lilies, or any pink ones for that matter. Why? Because adding a darker space backdrop to those will really make your skin look like a piece of art.