The Team

Meet our Seoul based team of creators

The world is changing, but we can provide the means to share where it came from through our arts.

We are a Seoul based team of creators dedicated to documenting the last remaining tribal and cultural tattoos of the Asian continent. Originally started by photographer and author Dylan Goldby, the project quickly grew in scale and was joined by film-makers Wesley Chang, Marco Tessiore, and Pablo Fuentes Gómez, who is also a graphic designer.

Dylan Goldby

Dylan is an Aussie photographer based out of Seoul. He cut his teeth working in the editorial industry in Korea, and then moved into working on personal projects for the preservation of culture all around Asia. His work has been seen in global publications, as well as featured by Nikon Asia. His desire to connect with and document the cultures of Asia led him to self fund a 128 page book about the lives of the Lai Tu Chin people of Myanmar. The successful completion of this project has only fueled his desire to do more work on the peoples of the region.

Marco Tessiore

Marco is an Italian filmmaker and producer Seoul based. His work counts a series of collaboration in films, photography, music and fashion with established Asian creators and global brands. After 3 years spent on a documentary project titled “EAST” with Korean top photographer Kim Jung Man (김중만), Marco recently established his own production company “NeoSeoul”. His desire of adventure and connection with other cultures led him to this project

Wesley Chang

Wesley is a filmmaker and photographer of multicultural descent. He studied Visual Communication Design in Seoul, Korea and is currently based there as a freelancer, where he has worked behind the camera on various creative projects. He became involved with Tattoos of Asia to document behind the scenes of how this project is being brought to life.

Pablo Fuentes Gómez

Pablo Fuentes Gómez is a Seoul based Salvadorean multidisciplinary designer and filmmaker. His work ranges from brand identity design, poster and editorial design, to web and UI design. He worked for two years as art director/ lead graphic designer for the Korea Expat Film Festival, and worked as a freelancer with different people and creatives. He has produced and directed various short films, advertisements and corporate videos.

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